Under the Bridge

This was taken yesterday, July the 4th, 2017, in Chicago, IL.  The Chicago Tribune said it was the worst July 4th in recent Chicago history.  Gun violence is rampant and murder is far too common.  The vast majority of the trouble is in the south part of the city. This bridge is on the north side of the city.

My son and I were walking along the side of the Chicago River which takes you under several bridges when I took this photo.  It’s a beautiful river walk. I had no idea the violence that was occurring a few miles to the south until I was back home in Arkansas.


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Flowers are transient.  They are not permanent and are a consistent reminder that neither are we.  Yet they were designed as if each separate beauty mattered.  I am grateful for a God who cares about beauty no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.  I can hardly walk past a flower without taking its picture.  Here are a few of my favorites from our travels to Greece and Italy.  This was taken in Kalambaka, close to the Meteora monasteries.

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